UDBHAV ’14 – MSRITians Unplugged

When we talk about a college fest all everyone can think of are the decorations, the events, the food, the music and how much they enjoyed being there. When I first entered MSRIT on 10th April I felt like I was standing in a piazza with banners spanning the entire height of the buildings and a stage decorated in majestic glory. The entire college was interspersed with a string of Chinese lanterns colored red and white. The stairs leading up to the buildings were decorated with glazed papers making them stand out in a sea of granite black and grey. Beauty which is breathtaking and a festival of lights in the night was Udbhav 2014. Continue reading


Breaking down one of the biggest fandoms – Olicity!

*Warning: Spoilers ahead!*

For those who are not acquainted with Arrow, it is a CW TV series based on the DC comics of Green Arrow AKA Oliver Queen. Olicity is one of the fastest emerging fandoms wherein a large group of netizens (Believe me when I say it’s a mighty large group!) want the protagonist Oliver Queen/ Arrow to be a pair with his IT tech support Felicity Smoak (whose character is not present in the comics but created by the show’s executive producers). Olicity is a trending topic sometimes being on the top of the trending list in Twitter and Tumblr!  Arrow is currently in it’s second season and has received great reviews from critics and public alike for it’s intriguing story line and season’s badass superheroes like The Dark Archer and now Deathstroke AKA Slade Wilson.

Arrow came in my vision after my friend literally threatened me into watching it. The first few episodes were breezy and I could connect on some level to the story but wasn’t invested in it. So we had a hero with a lot of pain, a person who spent five years on an island and returned home to clean up his city. He clung on to his supposed love of life Laurel but when Laurel and Oliver met after his tint on the island my heart didn’t go out to them. But I still watched for the story and for Stephen Amell’s amazing shirtless workouts! And then we were introduced to Felicity.Smoak. When Oliver walked into her office and I swear I had a grin on my face. She instantaneously made me her fan. And I saw Oliver cracking a genuine smile, one that she deserved. I kept coming back to the show to see how they develop the character of Felicity and Oliver, not together but as separate individuals. I later came to know that Emily Bett Rickhards was made a regular because the fans loved her and I could see why. I still wasn’t invested in Felicity and Oliver together but as Season 2 rolled around I could see what made Olicity so appealing. Oliver has had various love interests but I understand now why his other love interests don’t work.

First we have Laurel Lance. The girl Oliver loved and held at the island. As the rumors suggest, Laurel might be Black Canary in the later stages and Green Arrow-Black Canary are supposedly cannon in the comics. But the show has been a bit flexible with it’s story and not followed the comics like a writing on rock. Kate Cassidy is a brilliant actress and she has been carrying the role of Laurel with a great finesse. But Laurel and Ollie have so much of bad water between them, with Ollie cheating on Laurel with his sister, that together they don’t work aided by the fact that the chemistry between Stephen Amell and Kate Cassidy seems to be like the left over food we all want to get rid off. And this has been very profound in season 2 wherein the scenes between Laurel and Oliver lack any sort of luster. Even if we do consider that they get over all the problems between them, they can never go back to the way they were because Oliver is not what he was before the island. He is a changed man so changed that it’s hard for him to embrace happiness even when it’s staring right in the face.

Sarah Lance, the most recent contender for Oliver’s affections. She is Laurel’s little sister and can kick butt like a Ninja. She knows how Oliver survived the island and has shared some painful memories with him. They both thought that they lost a lot when they were on the island so they became each other’s strength. Now she is back and free from the League of Assassins, she is in a relationship with Oliver. This particular relation has rubbed in the wrong way with a few fans but when you actually think about it Sarah and Ollie don’t work on paper or in reality.Sarah has a long way to go to mend her relationship with her sister but being with Oliver makes it a whole new level of complicated. Her sister should be important than Oliver here because Laurel is her family and Sarah deserves to be with them after what she has been through. By the looks of things, Ollie is just worried about what Slade is going to do to Sarah to avenge Shado and that’s why he is keeping her close which is affection but not the kind of love which lasts a lifetime. It also looks like Team Arrow can suffer a bit more than necessary because Oliver’s blindspot is turning out to be the Lance sisters. But Sarah on her own is way better than Sarah with Ollie…Hats off to Caity Loitz.

Felicity Smoak. I have no words to describe the character of Felicity played by the beautiful and dynamic Emily Bett Rickards. She has taken a simple guest appearance and made her character so lovable that we just had to have her back. And so we did. Felicity is the IT girl,Girl-Wednesday,Can ramble so cutely that you can’t help but smile and can be Oliver’s one and only salvation. I do want Olicity to be cannon but if that doesn’t happen there’s one thing that all Arrow fans can’t deny. Felicity is Team Arrow’s conscience and Oliver’s salvation. She is the reason Oliver is the hero he is today and not just a vigilante who is out for revenge. Felicity with her bright colours is the only source of light and sunshine in that dark Arrow cave and our brooding heroes with so much man pain would be lost without her. There is also the fact that Stephen and Emily just seem to have crazy chemistry. But that aside Felicity knows Oliver for what he is today. She never met the Oliver Queen before the island but she has embraced the Oliver Queen, The Arrow, for what he is with all his scars, his trepidationsand his slight darkness. Oliver also can never deny the fact that the reason he is grounded and good has to do partly with Felicity. So even if the writers follow the comics and not the fandom, there is one fact that can never be changed. Felicity has breached Oliver’s walls and she will always be a part of him. A part of his conscience and his life as the light at the end of a dark tunnel. One light he will always follow.Image



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The world of Biotechnology in movies and books

  • For those of us who have read Inferno written by Dan Brown the world of biological warfare would be familiar to us. The subject of biological warfare has been broached upon in various movies and books namely The Cassandra Compact by Robert Ludlum, G. I. Joe (the movie) etc. but very few of us are aware that this farfetched concept often propping up in the culture of science fiction is a reality. Prevalent as a form of warfare since 6th century B.C. biological warfare has been a predominant developing field since the onset of World War 1. By World War 2, United Kingdom led under the leadership of microbiologist Paul Fildes effectively weaponized anthrax and botulism toxins. The Japanese Imperial Army went a step further by testing the biological weapons upon prisoners of the war for which they were later severely chastised. The biological weapons have characteristics along the lines of infectivity, high virulence, non-availability of vaccines, and availability of an effective and an efficient delivery system making it a dangerous form of warfare. The toxin can spread to a large population and cause an epidemic if not quarantined at the initial stages. For example: Bacillus anthracis is an effective weapon creating aerosols of size 1 micrometre which can be easily inhaled causing degradation of the respiratory tract. If not through air, these bioweapons can enter the habitat through soil or water. There are various departments which ensure the complete preservation of bioweapons and their usage only for research purposes Centre for Disease Control (CDC), USA etc. Currently all projects of biological weapons are carried out under extreme scrutiny.

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The Confession…

Picnic was an event that I usually preferred to skip. But in engineering I had found a reason to attend it. And the reason was quite simple, logical and primal. I liked a girl and I took every opportunity to be with her. Picnic simply provided me with an opportunity to interact with her without any one raising an eyebrow.
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