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Comicon '13-13

Psyched @ Comic Con 2013 | Bangalore

The Comic Con that FLASHed by Bangalore on 1st and 2nd of June, saw the RISE of many superheroes, and the beginning of many new stories. The epic conclusion to the Ravanayan emerged from the depths of history and defied the general portrayal of the myth surrounding Ravana.

The Event also sought to introduce newbies into the world where imaginations reign supreme, and knowledge too isn’t left too far away, with cosplay parades and quizzes running side by side. Here are a few pics that I shot with my side-kick and partner in crime, Canon EOS 1100D. Feel free to browse through, and do give your feedback. ‘Cause if you don’t *with Zeus‘ voice* “I will find you, and I will shoot you.. “
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