Breaking The Chains…

As I watch through the sideline,
I see all fade away that I thought was mine,
Left alone to fend for myself,
In a world that says to me “I ain’t thine”…

A world where, no longer am part of anyone’s life,
A world for the strong, where survival is the key…
Thrusting me deep into the crowd,
Saying I Wasn’t ‘mature’ enough..

Looking straight ahead,
All That I saw was the light that lacked..
The path was missing, the guides gone,
The only one left was me, and me alone..

Left to despair, Left to dark,
Supposed to give up, Supposed to break,
Breaking all convention,
I stand up for what’s my own…

No longer bound by rules, breaking the chains,
Refusing to give up, decided to change myself,
Not to fit in, but to break out..
Not to mess with, but never to be messed with…

When I see the ones who left me,
I will look them in the eyes, and spit it in their face
“The one left behind, will now only be found,
Only in the pages of history, that have crumbled down…”
“No longer will he be bullied into silence,
And take a sorry face home..
Tears are no longer an option,
And pain no longer an unknown…”

Suffocation, I am getting used to,
Desperation, I have been rid of…
Love, I haveĀ  never known,
Feelings, that once defined me, have all been blown…


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