Kicking Off New Year 2012 with Psyched…

It’s A New Year…
It’s like a new dawn…..of Happiness, of Progress, of Hope
It’s like a new day…..of Strength, of Ideas, of Joy
It’s like a new beginning…..of Words, of Actions, of Thought
It’s a bunch of whole new things…..of Prayers, of Friends, of Love…..

Well, writing after a long gap, I am finding it a bit difficult to start with. Let me start by wishing one and all a very Happy New year 2012. With this, I welcome you all to my blog “Psyched…“, a place where ‘breaking the rules’ is the rule and the rest you will get to know as you delve into this blog.

I have been following blogs since long, but was myself drawn into it of late. Psyched… is the result of two complete rookies into the world of blogging, me and of course, my friend psycoticsovan. As of now, enjoy my experiments with my cam, as well as the so called tragic writings of my friend. I will be writing something soon enough for you guys(sincerely hope that i’ll be successful in doing that). With your support, I promise to bring to you many more such pics and posts in the coming year. So, here’s presenting to you my new blog, and wishing every single one there a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012, once again…..

Here’s to a wonderful New Year
And a warm adieu to the old!
Here’s to happiness & good times,
good cheers!
 And to the many joys yet to unfold!!!

Happy New Year to One and All…… 😀


9 thoughts on “Kicking Off New Year 2012 with Psyched…

  1. Well first of all, A Very happy New Year 🙂

    Nice to see that finally you’re into your own piece of stuff along with your mate. Good going. I wish you luck for your future doings. All the Best. Cheers !


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