Remembering You…

Locked deep in my heart, I have things to say,
I find you so close, Yet so far away…

I still remember the days when you walked with me on those desolate lanes,

But now you left me alone, and am shackled in chains…

I still remember the times you stood by my side,
Yours was the shoulder behind which I learnt to stand…
I reminisce about the times I hid in your shadows,

When in the stormy waters of the world, I learnt to row.

Looking at the mountains reminds me of you,
The way you stood in front of me taking in every blow…
You watched me from the shadows, helped me become a man,
But now that I have grown, I know not where you are.

Listening to the birds chirping at dawn reminds me of your voice,
Not so mellifluous, yet a pleasant noise…
I want to hear your voice again, calling me out,

I want to hear it just once again, even if it’s not so loud.

I want to feel your warm hands again, patting my back,
That’s a feeling I have yearned for, when you are not there…
I want you to touch me again, may it even be to punish,
Just one more touch from you, is all I wish.

I pray to God, that it’s just HIS way of playing with me,
And that you would jump out of the corner, laughing, to be forever with me.
Recalling the past memories, I understand why I need you,
But no matter how much I pray, you won’t be coming back.

Living with the knowledge, you will no longer be my mortal guardian angel,
Rather I would live as a fool, for that I will settle…
Life without you in it, for me holds no meaning,
If this is reality, I would rather be lost in dreaming…


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