Promises To Keep…

I promise to leave your side,
if you ever want me to..
I promise to forever hide my face,
When you try to forget me..
If you ever want to leave me,
I won’t ask for another chance..
It’s my silent promise,
not once to challenge what your heart desires…

Never call back your name,
When you leave me behind…
Will wake up everyday,
screaming out your name..
I promise to love you more,
with each passing moment,
even if all you do is despise..
But will never stop watching over you,
forever keeping all harm at bay..

To see you smile at least one more time,
before this life passes away..
I promise to be within reach of your voice,
if you ever have my need..
Not to see you in pain ever,
A silent promise to myself..

I promise to eternally remember the way you curled your lips,
The one that never ceased to take my breathe away..
The music of your faint laughter,
The reason why  my heart still beats…

But if you ever make me swear to forget you,
Am sorry, it’s a promise I can’t make..
‘cos forgetting you would be defying my love,
The sole reason behind my existence…


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