No dreams to follow,
No promises to keep,
Walking all alone,
With the emptiness within…

A hollow feeling,
That can’t be  defined,
Watching all emotion fade away,
Into the void self-created…

To fill the void, a desperation,
The path ahead, yet undetermined.
Watching with eyes devoid of tears,
The one thing that keeps me all alone.

Killing the passions once held close,
Leaving behind an empty shell,
Of pure cynicism, that’s all left,
Of the one, who once loved to love…


This emptiness, is now what defines,
That once was truly ever mine,
The companion that never left,
The only one that tried to fathom the heart’s depth…

After  all else’s gone,
What remains behind is the determination,
The will to keep on fighting,
even after the battle’s lost…


One thought on “Emptiness…

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