Solitary Crusade…

As I walk on the steel steps all alone,
Thoughts rush back to the times with chums,
The laughs we had, the pranks we played,
All lost, in the labyrinth of the future, yet to come…

Why was I lost? Where I went wrong?
Did I go a bit too far, trying to get near???
My voice, one among a million,
Pushed to the limits, trying to get heard…

Losing myself, trying to please all,
Thought they would, find the boy lost..
Hurt myself, providing them humour,
And they hurt me, to amuse others…

Reminiscing about the glorious times, makes me weak,
from breaking the promise, made to a broken man,
Not to trust anyone with the heart that hurt,
Never to please others, with the love that’s lost…

Waiting in the shadows, loneliness enveloping,
Wasting my time, looking for those who won’t be coming..
Memories wheezing past, no time to catch them,
All lost, as I learn to live void of them..

Darkness shies away from the tiniest beam of light,
Every night brings forth a new day,
The blow’s taken, lessons learnt..
It’s just me, against the world that’s no one’s…


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