If looks could kill…

My heart, a prisoner,
Seemingly lost, yet a winner…
An ecstasy so pure,
Breaching the unbreakable barrier, of which was so sure…

Pretending to fight against the betraying heart,
Wanting to lose the tussle, is what I really want..
Lost sight of the track I started upon,
To complete a new journey I needed to set out on..

Towards the mystic eyes, am attracted,
Trying to glimpse the smile once again, from my life am distracted..
To keep watching you smile, is all I need,
To try and confine it, won’t give in to the greed…

The sparkling eyes, stripping my emotions naked,
Thinking of you, I feel sedated..
Trying not to notice, am still drawn,
The lone-wolf, now love-lorn…

Found at last, one so pure,
Who to the beast, into the arms of Aphrodite, could lure…
At last found the eyes, that could dismiss a thousand crowns,
Am in love with the smile, that could kill a million frowns…


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