No more tears to shed,
The pain’s gone,
Numb emotions a grim reminder of the shattered soul.
Breached the wall held up so strong..
The guardian the traitor,
The blame’s all own..

 The battle’s gone, the soul’s stained,
The inner spirit’s drained,
The joy, a distant sorrow..
Within the hard shell, everything’s hollow..

Crippled for life,
Decision’s no longer mine..
Scars running deep,
A wound that never heals..
Beyond the gates of self-redemption,
The soul, a stench of corruption..

Emotions running dry,
Calling for tears, a lonely cry..
Betrayed yet again..
Dry eyes entrenched in the face,
Pushed to the edge, No reactions gained..

The past the teacher,
Every day’s  a new lesson..
For salvaging the soul, a final effort,
Trying to trust again, waiting for a new dawn,
When the sun burns down the soul’s corruption…


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