Vengeance Reborn !!!

Faced with the eyes that deceive,
Searching for the trust never received,
Fighting for the survival of one’s being,
Rebelling for the freedom that’s been unseen…

Trying to choose, an insanity,
Fighting to lose, against the prejudiced society..
Waking up from the nightmare,
A dream of a sleep that’s infinite…

Vengeance cratering deep,
Salvaging the remains of the eroding psyche,
Just one thought parades through the mind,
To return a thousand times, the pain said to be a legacy of mine…

Reigniting the fire believed lost,
Burning away the the blazing frost..
Melting down the chains of incarceration,
Now armed with the flames of Hell’s retribution..

A new day, the same old sun,
Reaching out to finally end the run..
No mercy shown, no compromises to make,
Finally it’s the time for the Beast to wake…


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