Forgettin You….

No love lost, No promises broken,
Lost my way in the steps not taken..
Just the only one who knew my love,
a feeling I wanna forget,
To keep within me any scrap of sanity left..

Trying to be acknowledged, still am afraid,
To be rejected, and remain heart-broken..
A love that wasn’t meant to be,
The beauty and the beast, not fated to be,
Still a hopeless hope, a soulless cry,
Gave up the battle even without a single try…

To let myself sway,
for someone unknown, losing my way..
Not something I ever wanted,
To find my path once again, is what I decided..

Though am so over you,
Why do I keep searching for you???
In  the crowd, my eyes wandering around,
Trying to glimpse the face,
That am trying so hard to forget…

Letting the emotions fade,
Keeping up the seemingly real facade,
Am back to being the lone-wolf,
After giving in all, trying to forget you….



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