Happy Mother’s Day…

Do you still remember that proverbial kind of Band-Aids that helped your scraped knee to heal quickly? Well, it was not the kind of Band-aids that helped, but it was mother’s therapeutic kiss. Mother is that important person who sacrificed for you and fell in love with you when you were a toddler filled with tantrums. She is the person who puts her children’s needs over her own. She draws your path to success and supports you to be a leader. A day has been set aside for her on the second Sunday of every May. Unsurprisingly, that day is called “Mother’s Day”. To that school where we learn without being taught, to that cave that ends with a warm tenderness, to the sunshine and water for our tree, to those who have carried formidable tasks, carried hardships, but still hold happiness, to no other person in the world, to our mothers.

Undeniably, our mothers have taught us lessons of forgiveness, faith and morality. Our mothers nurtured, sacrificed and supported us so that we can be who we are today. How can we pay you back? Is it with pounds of flesh similar to Antonio’s (From the Merchant of Venice) or with tons of gold alloys from the entire world? Yet undoubtedly, our mother’s white heart will beat more with a small hug more than all these perishable “remnants” of this world. How can you pay back the sun and the water for their usefulness? When you could answer this question, which I doubt you could, then you could pay back your mother! Hence, I might have only described a drop in our mother’s deep ocean of tenderness, but without that drop the ocean will be less.

Mother's Day

Mother is such a special word,
The loveliest i have ever heard…
A toast to you above all the rest,
You are so special..Simply the best…..
Happy Mother’s Day…. ♥♥♥

On this Mother’s Day, the 13th of May (there’s 13 once again, how much i love this number 😛 ), here’s wishing all mothers in this world A very happy Mother’s Day… 🙂

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