Stranger To Me…

A lonely hand outstretched,
A silly gesture, gone unacknowledged,
A smile of friendship not reciprocated,
Ignoring the one trying to be accepted…

A stranger in a hostile environment,
looking for a new home in the overcrowded settlement,
Trying to find the one, who would take my hand, and never let go,
To be the friend that I need when am low…

Whispering behind my back,
face me and the voice lacks…
Forgoing all that I ever wanted,
A companion that I needed,
Falling back on my lonely charade,
Back again to the dark shade..

No more tries, no more lies,
Tired of the worthless facade,
To be someone beyond my comprehension,
Losing the hold on my right of assertion…

Ignoring the stretched hand,
Looking past the warm smile,
Wanted me to beg, falling on my knees,
Now all that you are gonna remain, Is Just Another Stranger To Me


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