Lonely Dreams…

Refugee in my own heart,
An alien to my  soul,
Walking in the dark night,
Am all alone…
Lonely nights, lonely dreams,
A comrade’s missing,
to walk a few steps with me…

Dark alleys, blind allies,
Many to fool with,
but none to count the stars with me…
Star at day, lost soul by night,
Wasting the time, thinking about ‘what might’..

Gazing at the night sky,
remembering all the dreams,
of finding the one,
Who would share them with me…

Withdrawing into the dark silence,
Fading the aura of my being,
Erasing the evidence of my existence,
till nothing remains to be seen..

The lonely walks on the beaches of time,
The silent journey of life,
All a part of soulless existence,
Where living is a crime…


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