Bidding Adieu…

Faces may fade, but the memories remain,
Paths may deviate, but the footprints remain.
Bidding adieu to the ones leaving,
To the people who make lives worth living…

Touched our hearts, lit the fires of benevolence,
Discovered the path we needed to walk on,
Farewell to the ones, who trudged through the swamps of trepidation,
Making clear the way to our destination…

You may not be here, but the memories remain,
Forever etched will be the words you said,
Will march forward to realize the vision,
To guide new souls on the path you laid before us…

Parting the ways now will be hard,
But we will meet once again, that’s a pact…
Moving forward with the memories of the heroes before us,
Farewell to the giants, whose footprints still guide us…


One thought on “Bidding Adieu…

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