A new beginning…

Looking at you, felt a sense of oneness;
You were one on whom I fell back on when I was down…
To see you leave, would bring forth a sense of tragedy;
One that would be worsened by the knowledge,
That you would be near, but not with me…

Trying to stop the tears that come,
Failing abysmally, cause  they continue to run…
Reproaching myself for being that weak ;
Not being able to send with a smile,
The one who never failed to bring one to this lips of mine…

Hoping you find your new home more loving than ours;
Praying to God that  you find there happiness,
More than you found in your previous one…
Will keep meeting you in future;
A promise to self ,
Cause you are the one who made this life whole…

Forgetting you, a future that’s never gonna be ;
Cause   you will forever remain the one special person,
Who walked the steps of trepidation with me…
A new love, a new life is what awaits you now,
But the old one’s never gonna leave you lone…

Look behind you, and I will not be there,
For will always walk beside you, whether or not you need me there…
Your leaving will surely leave an irreplaceable void,
But will try to fill it up with the love that will never be lost…

Bidding a farewell to you not bitter, but one filled with hope;
A hope for a glorious future,
One which you shall forever be a part of…


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