Friendship Day…

It’s been a long time i wrote a post on this blog. After sitting back and watching psychoticsovan writing post after post, thought I should now end his writing streak. 😉

With Friendship Day around, this would be just the perfect time to write one. Take that you psycho… 😀

P.S. This one is for you and all other friends out there.


  • This article is meant for READING purposes only. Anything appearing to be an advice can be taken with ketchup. 😛
  • The writing on this page CANNOT be offensive and frightening to small children, the faint of heart, overly religious individuals, uptight individuals, democrats, animal lovers, the socially retarded, carnival workers BUT nevertheless, please use caution when reading.
  • Do not DRINK and read. You may drink a gallon after you are done with this article. 😀
  • Friendship is subject to personal views. Anyone not agreeing with anything may not point out so.
  • Any reference to GOD in the following is purely coincidental and fictional.
  • This disclaimer should be taken very SERIOUSLY, though the author would care least if not.

Friendship, one can say is an unexplainable phenomenon. What makes us to become friends? Why we need friendship or with whom, we do not know. Why suddenly friendship dies and ends? How a Good friend today changes to bad enemy of ours? What makes a person to make you feel comfortable with? What makes friends to be as close friends?

So many questions and even more answers to them. People give various viewpoints of their own. Is friendship that big a mystery? We all must have come across friends who are very close to each other with a lot of mutual understanding. On the other hand, there are friendships that do not last. What made the former be so close friends yet the latter to break such a relationship? May be, the answer lies in trust and mutual understanding, forgetting and forgiving a bit, truth and honesty.

Are just the above qualities enough? May be or may be not. Friendship varies from person to person. There may be people who are perfectly happy with a few friends. Some seem to have no one to look upon in good and bad times, to play around with ideas; standing at the mercy of life, moving on. Then there might be people who have a few close ones and various superficial ones. Others like to have friends everywhere. Wherever they go, people around know them. Of course, with that huge a number, one will have problems over which friend to call upon in case of trouble. 😛

It would be apt to say that when God created the world and all the things in it, when he painted the skies with radiance and adorned the earth with mountains and rivers; He outdid Himself by creating friends.

They say friendship can stand the test of time. Is it really a relation of a lifetime or it fades away with time? Well, only time will tell. No matter how busy one is, or how busy one may think he/she is, the work will always be there for another day, but friends might not be. A true friendship may stand the test of time, but how many such friends exist on this day. There are friends who have the same wavelength of time and are inseparable. Such friends come once in a while and become an asset in your life. Try not to lose them, they are worth preserving.

A blessing that they are, friends will leave no stones unturned when we are depressed. Friends can challenge us to go beyond our limits and break unreasonable boundaries, can motivate us when we’re ready to give up. They will be there when everything is well and smooth as well as when you are in the roughest patch of your life. We often just want them around to have a good time, to laugh, to act silly, to enjoy. Friends enrich our lives and make us feel accepted, loved, respected, cared for, and the list grows daily.

So, on this Friendship Day, the 5th of August, 2012, why not take a moment or two from our busy schedules and thank those special ones for being with us through the thick and thin of life?

To all my friends wherever they are, before I wish you Friendship Day,

Thank You, for standing by me and helping me always, whenever I needed someone..

Sorry, if I have ever let you down or hurt you, I’m sure I did not mean to..

Remember, I will always be there for you be it in your best dreams or your worst nightmares..

For everyone out there, here’s Airtel‘s insight into sharing, a refrain of this youthful inclusive world that feels that in friendship,  “Jo mera hai wo tera hai, Jo tera hai wo mera”! Once again, wishing everyone, A Happy Friendship Day… 😀

If you’re alone, I’ll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I’ll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I’ll be your pillow. If you need you be happy, I’ll be your smile. But anytime you need a friend, I’ll just be me.


9 thoughts on “Friendship Day…

  1. Awesome my dear! And,yes,friends are worth preserving because its a rare thing to find someone who can answer your problems 24/7. I know how losing a friend feels;in fact,we all know how it feels..we all have had that loss.I can just say we need to try our best not to let that happen again.By the way,that new Airtel song is simply fab! Great to see it being included!


    • Thanks for the appreciation. I guess everyone knows the importance of friends in life. Losing a friend? I don’t thing I would like to comment on that.. As I already said, it’s a move on.. 🙂


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