Condemned by the just, shunned by all,
Caged by those, among whom he once roamed free and proud..
Breaching the hollow pillars of invincibility,
Broken down by those he once looked down on..
Taught a lesson of humility the hard way..

Losing any hopes of walking silently on the streets he once pranced on,
Giving into the helplessness of achieving the freedom he so desires..
Looking through the windows, a single uncontrollable wish,
of letting himself flow like the birds on the sky,
Untamed yet, no rules to guide them,

But confined to the walls that bind his body,
Formless shackles entrap his desires too..
Reduced to a mere shell of his former self,
But no one to pity on him yet..

His mind a zombie of itself,
Repeating its monotonous wish of being out of the cage again..
But no one to honour his thoughts,
Condemned to be tortured, where his mind rots..

Pacing around like an animal wounded,
To break the steel that keeps shielded,
Not him, from the enemies he has,
But the society whose nemesis he has been…

Days pass whispering by,
bringing closer, the time of his release,
Out in the open once again..

But lost along with the days he wasted in the prison,
The society he once was a part of..
A new beginning awaits him,

But also it’s one where all look at him with wary eyes,,
Gazes that penetrate, accuse him,
Of still being the criminal, that he tried to strand behind…

Still he remains a prisoner,
Not bound by cages of iron and steel,
But by the prejudiced society,
That still considers him one unworthy of it..

Breaking away from the stares that burn his soul,
No longer able to take it anymore..
Ignoring when becomes too torturous,
Longs back to return the walls,
where at least he was among who he Belonged’...


2 thoughts on “Incarcerated…

  1. This poem reminds me of a drama written by Eugene O’Neill which I read in my 3rd semester. I loved that drama.The name was ‘Hairy Ape’-heart-wrenching story of a worker in a ship,who is robbed by the world when he confronts the reality of the world. Your poem gives me the same feeling.


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