Missing Diaries: Foreword

In this hectic and selfish times, people tend to forget their friends, their family, and the duty they have towards them. They forget to spend time with the ones who are promised to be friends for a lifetime.. Hell, they even forget the names of those people.. But there are some people who, even if live far away, are never really far apart at heart. They stay through thick and thin, and advise you, through their past actions on how you should face any given scenario, ‘cos you are so close to them, that you can predict how they would face, act and smile through any tough situation.

Missing Diaries is a collection of stories that each depict such a situation, and how a “particular” close friend of mine “would” walk through such situations, with a smile on his face or several tears on his heart.

The stories in Missing Diaries are written in no particular order, and are meant to be taken in a lighter vein. They are fictional accounts (unless this is mentioned, he might get me kicked out of my house. That’s cos my parents like him).

Have a fun read… And please if you don’t like the writings, don’t throw rotten tomatoes or eggs.. Send in some fresh ones.. ‘cos I love omelettes..


  • Names used have been taken at random, and any resemblance to any person living, dead or undead, may or may not be coincidental, and is not -even a bit-  regretted.
  • Anyone relating to any incident in the stories better take it in a lighter vein, as it in anyway wold not affect the author.
  • Any reference to GOD in the following is purely coincidental and fictional.
  • This disclaimer should be taken very SERIOUSLY, though the author would care least if not.

Part 1:


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