The Glint in Her Eyes…

To be loved and to be yearned for,

A girl is a mold of beauty to be protected.

She starts as a young sapling, grows and spreads her wings in her youth,

Becomes the success behind the one she loves, gives birth to a new life.

She conceals her pain, her trepidations,

She laughs at the face of troubles,

She is the song which conceals a soul.

A mystery in every one of her roles,

She needs to be treated just and fair.

Don’t kill her when she is born,

Don’t encroach her pride and devour her soul,

Don’t treat her like a slave,

Don’t put any scars on her purity.

A girl’s  wrath in the face of injustice cannot be measured,

She can fight endlessly and never give up.

But why should we kill humanity every day?

And make her shed tears of blood.

Instead we should give her a life she deserves,

Respect her in all her forms,

Let her live the way she wants,

Not kill her when she is born but rejoice that she came into our lives,

Not treat her like filth but instead like the flower she is,

Not remove her clothes and kill her dignity,

Not stop her when she is determined to make something of her,

Not put bruises on her and fill her life with regrets,

Instead be her hope, be her love,

Be the knight, who protects her ability to love,

Give her a life worth living,

And preserve the glint in her eyes.



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