The Calm after the Storm…

Empty eyes stare out,
Broken dreams are all that’s found..
A shadow, A shell, A hollow soul,
Drowning in depths, yet unknown..

Shattered ambitions all lie strewn around,
The life in its entirety crumbling down..
Try to gather up the pieces,
They turn to dust,
A grim metaphor of what life there has become.


Moans that should reach his ears fall short,
Eyes frantic to find the shells,
whose souls have left for just too long..
He finds a familiar face,
He dashes there, feeling blessed..
But the sadistic, cunning Death,
With him, played a cruel game..
Silently reached there, and snatched his love away..

Why was he the only one left standing??
Was death so full that he couldn’t take just one more??
Or was it his destiny,
To remain the carnage’s only live testimony??
Questions that have no answer haunt his mind..
Searching for signs of life in the graveyard,
His psyche seems lost..

Lost, he looks around in the rubbles,
And find he isn’t the only one standing…
Dozens others are left silently staring,
At the aftermath of which spared their life,
But took away their lives..



6 thoughts on “The Calm after the Storm…

  1. loved the content! 🙂

    But the line “Silently reached there, and snatched his love away” felt like a spoiler.. just a thought.. again.. awesome work! 🙂


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