UDBHAV ’14 – MSRITians Unplugged

When we talk about a college fest all everyone can think of are the decorations, the events, the food, the music and how much they enjoyed being there. When I first entered MSRIT on 10th April I felt like I was standing in a piazza with banners spanning the entire height of the buildings and a stage decorated in majestic glory. The entire college was interspersed with a string of Chinese lanterns colored red and white. The stairs leading up to the buildings were decorated with glazed papers making them stand out in a sea of granite black and grey. Beauty which is breathtaking and a festival of lights in the night was Udbhav 2014.

But beyond any of this, Udbhav became a festival because of the people in it. Before the start of the fest, three days were theme based. Ethnic wear of every color on the first day of the fest could remind anyone of a Big Fat Indian Wedding making it a grand affair but what really stole the spotlight was the smile of everyone in attendance. It’s said that capturing a smile is difficult but I am sure if we dig out the cameras of the media coverage team of Udbhav (A big round of applause for each and everyone in that team!) we will find that the smiles of everyone in attendance will be safely tucked in the memory of the camera. Roses were exchanged, giggles were unstoppable and so were flushed cheeks making it a great start to the fest.The next day was one which followed the current trend and went Neon. Everyone looked like the bright lights of carnival combined with even more colorful accessories. I am sure neon has never looked this good. The third day was more mild making it the Udbhav T-shirt day. The T-shirt design was starkly unique with a dark blue background interspersed with white in the form of a spiral at the front and “The Mustache” at the back.maybe MSRITians can try to trend the T-shirt. I am sure it was a successful sale.

These were the people who made up the crowd in the fest but what made this fest possible are the people who worked behind each and every event. The hosts, the volunteers and the coordinators. Without them, the fest would not have been possible. They created each and every note of this music and executed it with ease though I am sure that the after effects of the amount of work they have put in will come as immense pain which will be worth every penny. So please give it up for them because they wrote and executed every note to perfection.Udbhav brought out the best in dancing, singing, talking, writing, sketching etc from engineers. Battle of the Bands, Aircrash, Western and Indian Dance, Singing were crowd pullers. So Udbhav did manage to be a youth festival where smiles were the cheapest commodity. Don’t believe me, ask the photographers. P.S: Amazing job with the background music, swaying of hips was going to be a side effect. P.P.S: Individuals involved in the development of the application. All Hail! *BOWS*


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