Broken Promises…

I Looked at your eyes, smitten,
And asked with a voice that was shaken,
“Will you be mine, for now and till eternity,
Or will you say no,
And forego this chance at serendipity…”

You replied without words,
Your smile did the talking…
You chose to give me a chance,
At proving what I was promising…

I loved you more than I ever loved anyone..
I gave it all trying to be the one,
Who would give you all,
Even before you would ask..

But fate dealt a fatal blow,
And prejudiced norms drew us apart..
A battle without a winner,
No matter how long it lasts…

Broken Promises,
Of You and Me…
Shattered Dreams,
That couldn’t be…
Wanted to hold on,
But had to let go..
A move I would forever regret,
But won’t take back all the same…

The love we had was lost,
The steps we took, somewhere went wrong…
The dreams we had,
Now lay strewn on the desolate lanes,
The promises of being together for ever,
Now lay irrevocably broken…


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