After the Last…

The first time he laid his eyes on her, she was staring at someone else. “That’s a temporary thing,” he thought, “she will get over him.” Years passed. She wasn’t over ‘him’ yet.
‘He’ didn’t seem to reciprocate her feelings. “With time she will realise that she deserves someone better, who won’t ignore her, but rather make her feel like the princess she was.” She didn’t.

She was a shy girl. “She won’t confess her love for him.” She did.

He cried that day. He might have lost his one true love and that too to ‘someone’ who was too dense to realise the treasure ‘he’ had obtained. Fortunately for him, ‘the other guy’ didn’t give her any reply.

“At least now she will get over him.” She didn’t.


6 months had passed since her confession, the last time he had seen her. He saw her yet again. He tried not to give in to his emotions. He knew the pain that came with it. But her eyes. And that smile. He was unable to resist the charm and he fell for her all over again. The brain really does have a weaker will than the heart.

“This time, I will definitely make her mine”, he thought. But the creator had other motives. ‘The other guy’ seemed to have finally realised her emotions towards ‘him’, and also seemed to reciprocate it.

‘He’ proposed to her. She agreed. That was The Last.

He sees her still. But he knows now that she will never be his. But then, not all love stories are meant to have fairy tale endings. Some are meant to create anonymous writers. This time the tears didn’t come alone. This time he smiled through it.

She may never be his, but no one could take her away from his heart. He knew she was the one. And no matter who else comes before him, he won’t be swayed. That was his Will of Fire. That was his way of life.

Who was she?
Let’s just say that she was the Princess who stole his eyes away…


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