Lost Love

What do you do when the girl you love sends you an invitation to her wedding?

Would you give up and let go of it,
Or would you stand up and fight for it?
Do you cry alone, and confine yourself,
Or do you smile at your fate and learn to live with yourself?

Do you look at her pics and reminisce,
Or do you try to delete her from your mind?
Do you take her name in your nightmares,
Or do you remember her smile in the happy hours?

It takes a lot to face her again,
Even after she says you ain’t the one for her..
She doesn’t know what you’re feelin’,
Inside of you, what’s killin’…

Do you go upto her and congratulate,
And berate yourself for failing to ask even for a date?
What if she secretly felt the same,
But was afraid to lose you as a friend?

Your dreams killed by your lies,
Your love lost, cos you felt shy…
While you were faking your emotions,
She was swayed by another’s enthusiasm…

What do you do when you are the best,
But you are not The Guy?
Do you take a knife and cut your veins,
Or do you take up a pen and draft your memoirs?

So what do I do when the girl I love sends me an invitation to her wedding?
I write…


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