MissingLink_13, is a 3rd year undergraduate from M.S. Ramaiah Institute Of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Not sure what the alias MissingLink is all about, he still sticks to it (may be he kind of likes it to an extent). Talk of the number 13, he has always been obsessed with anything that lies on the negative side of luck.

A little more about MissingLink_13. As if anyone cares.

Being a complete introvert he is, he is usually found indoors hooked to the Idiot Box, as they call it, or his laptop experimenting with latest available apps and editing pics. Other than that, he loves listening to slow and soft music, reads just any novel you give him(but, that better be a good one 😉 ) and well, he just loves to sleep when he is not doing anything(hope that actually counts as a hobby). Beware, ’cause he has also been found acting like a true “nerd”, glued on to his books, at times. He has been interested in photography since long, but has been a bit more passionate since late. Currently resides in Bangalore, India where he gets his lone time away from home and the people. Being a complete rebel since his school days (though didn’t show much of it those days) he has a carefree attitude and loves to go against anything he feels is wrong.

In his own words, he is someone “who loves to be alone, but hates to be lonely!!!” That sounds as wierd as he is. Even if he loves doing things his way, he never backs out from helping when asked for. After all those number 13 and unlucky stuff and “being the lone wolf” thing…he is still someone who is always cheerful, helping and worth having as a friend.