Broken Promises…

I Looked at your eyes, smitten,
And asked with a voice that was shaken,
“Will you be mine, for now and till eternity,
Or will you say no,
And forego this chance at serendipity…”
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The Calm after the Storm…

Empty eyes stare out,
Broken dreams are all that’s found..
A shadow, A shell, A hollow soul,
Drowning in depths, yet unknown..
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The Glint in Her Eyes…

To be loved and to be yearned for,

A girl is a mold of beauty to be protected.

She starts as a young sapling, grows and spreads her wings in her youth,

Becomes the success behind the one she loves, gives birth to a new life.
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A thousand sorrows entrenched in a warm smile,
A million tears drowned in the depths of the twinkling eyes..
Twinkling not ‘cos of the joy that is his,
But ‘cos of the pretentious tears of happiness,
That keeps him driving.

His heart, no one’s able to find,
A forbidden gift that curses all,
With the knowledge that all’s not well,
With the one, who seems to forever keep on smiling.

A mask of pretension  is all that remains,
Remove it, and a child looks out of the dark,
One who never learnt to survive the forest where deception runs wild,
Sporting an appetite for the innocence in the unmasked child..

A freaky two-faced monster, feeding on his own emotions,
Trampling on the feelings that define him,
Distancing himself from those that care,
Trying to draw in strangers near..


Succeeding in bringing a temporary smile on someone’s lip,
Forever losing his own..
The innocence all seems lost,
The mask becoming his true face..

Looking back, he finds the path of thorns he walked on,
Looking on, he finds the paths strewn with hurdles unknown..
But he fails to look beside him,
To notice those who want just another glimpse,
Of the child who once smiled from the heart and honest eyes..

A two-faced monster, that’s what he has become,
Looking at the mirror, a mask is all he sees..
But hidden from the sight, still burns bright,
The twinkle in the eyes of the child,
Visible now, only to the eyes that really care to see…


A Shadow In The Fog…

Moving through the unknown path,
Looking for what was once mine..
A race against time,
To feel your touch so divine….
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Condemned by the just, shunned by all,
Caged by those, among whom he once roamed free and proud..
Breaching the hollow pillars of invincibility,
Broken down by those he once looked down on..
Taught a lesson of humility the hard way..
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An unholy honour I have to regain,
A shower of pure hatred’s now gonna rain,
Having lost a thousand battles under the ruthless sun,

Won’t lose this time, before I have my final run…
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