Of Marginal Utility and Pleasure

Marginal utility: The additional satisfaction, or pleasure gained from an incremental amount of anything, physical or otherwise. A vital concept in economics, which holds true in every aspect of life as well. Usually in pursuit of our “ultimate goals”, we fail to consider the bigger picture: life is not just starting from one end, and reaching the other. The journey through, consists of the larger chunk of time we spend. And thus, that is where we should focus more of our attention on.

In the early 20th century, there was someone who did point out the importance of taking time out for oneself: W.H. Davies. Even though his words have been immortalised, they have hardly been followed. We still associate laziness, and lack of ambition with those who choose to sometimes “stand and stare”.

With time, happiness became a synonym of success, and success underwent a heinous mutation to refer to anything which may become a subject of jealousy: a high paying job, an expensive car you have no practical use for other than making sure it becomes an object of envy in your neighbourhood, that world trip which you chose only cos someone you knew returned from one a couple of weeks ago. All these may satiate our ego, but underneath all the facade, most of the time we do feel empty inside.

Every time we achieve one of our goals, we set another one; never satisfied, always moving. We push ourselves, promising one more step, and then the next. And we stop deriving pleasure from our achievements. We are simply supposed to get it all. And that’s when our achievements become our bane. It adds more pressure on us to perform better and better, like a positive feedback mechanism; the more we achieve in one cycle, the more we have to work hard in the next.

And trapped within the rat race, we forget the fact that sometimes the greatest bit of happiness comes from the smallest things:

  • A cute puppy following you around, vigorously wagging its tail, hoping for another cookie like you so generously gave it seconds agoPhoto0225
  • Getting to play your favorite sports post exams.
  • Def that difficult boss, who had dampened your progress in the game since a long time.
  • Finally listening to that song whose tune you have been humming from God knows when.
  • At last, going on that long ride you had planned for over a year.

An accepted friend request, perhaps…


Of Swords and Cherry Blossoms

Gotta get back. Back to the past. Samurai Jack.

“Everything that has a beginning, has an end”, said the guy who conquered the world. Perhaps there is a lesson in it for all of us. We grow attached to people, to things, and to memories and believe they will stay with us forever. Continue reading


After the Last…

The first time he laid his eyes on her, she was staring at someone else. “That’s a temporary thing,” he thought, “she will get over him.” Years passed. She wasn’t over ‘him’ yet.
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Imagine Dragons Demons

A few months back while checking out the Billboard Top 50, I stumbled upon an Imagine Dragons song titled Demons. The band Imagine Dragons has a humble origin with the band belonging to Las Vegas, Nevada. Everyone will know the band is famous for it’s song Radioactive which has become the biggest rock hit of the year 2013 and still continues to form a part of billboard *it’s been over 90 weeks*. The band was also called the biggest breakout of 2013 and recently swept away a string of awards at MTV music awards after Justin Timberlake *he is a hard one to beat, mate.* But what makes the band thoroughly unique is the lyrics of their songs along with the music and one such song is Demons. The lyrics of the song can make it haunting and unforgettable.
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Of Guts and Glory..

This one was long overdue…


A tribute to The Black Swordsman

You hear that there is an epic series that you have to read to believe. As you start reading the manga, the opening scene depicts a man having sex with a beautiful female in the woods. You start to think is this one of those series that thrives on such fan service to increase its fan following. You think of skipping the series if nothing good happens within the next two or three pages. Apprehensive, you click on the next page button. Then what happens in the next two clicks breaks all your foreboding and you immediately become a fan of the series. So what did happen? Well, I won’t spill the beans here. You have to read it to find out…

Berserk tells the story of Guts, a man bent on revenge against God-like forces, armed with nothing but a “big slab of…

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UDBHAV ’14 – MSRITians Unplugged

When we talk about a college fest all everyone can think of are the decorations, the events, the food, the music and how much they enjoyed being there. When I first entered MSRIT on 10th April I felt like I was standing in a piazza with banners spanning the entire height of the buildings and a stage decorated in majestic glory. The entire college was interspersed with a string of Chinese lanterns colored red and white. The stairs leading up to the buildings were decorated with glazed papers making them stand out in a sea of granite black and grey. Beauty which is breathtaking and a festival of lights in the night was Udbhav 2014. Continue reading


Breaking down one of the biggest fandoms – Olicity!

*Warning: Spoilers ahead!*
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