Celebrating A New Year…

Celebrating a New Year. Well, in more than one ways for Psyched, I can say…

Resolutions, cards, gifts, promises, wishes and loads of fun.. In a nutshell, these describe the way we plan to celebrate every new year. Cards, gifts and fun, and a hell lot of it too.. They make their way into the list of things we achieved. But somewhere along the line, the resolutions are forgotten, promises are left broken and wishes, well wishes never even stand a chance against the ‘hectic’ schedule that we have been burdened with.. We never take the time to retrospect on the events that could have been, had we taken a different decision. We never look back at what we have lost while trying to gain what, in the end,  we didn’t even gain. In short, rather than learning from our mistakes we end up making the same mistakes over and over again.



New year is about leaving the past behind, but still present within our mind.. The sentence seems to be contradicting itself, you may say… But if you think about it, it isn’t. Let me explain.. You need to forget all the tribulations you had to undergo but remember what it taught you.. The mistakes that you made, and how you could have avoided them or rather how you can avoid them in the future,  than wasting your time just contemplating about what could have been. Think on how you will act in the future, and not how you should have done then. Think on how you can make yourself better, and not what you could be had you been better..

Life isn’t cruel.. Our expectations make it so.. We often confuse luxury with comfort, and as such end up not being comfortable with even our luxurious possessions. We often mistake what we could do with what we should do. We never look back, even to learn. “Just point your nose straight and walk forward, no questions asked” , this is what we have been bred to do. Why??  ‘cos others are supposed to be better than us at taking decisions?? Or ‘cos we are just puppets, who have to do what people expect us to?? Or is it ‘cos we lack the determination, the courage to glance into our hearts, take a deep breathe, and march forward to achieve what it hopes us of, rather than what we feel would secure our future??? Whatever the reason, the baseline is, we end up being in someone else’s shoes, an ideal person’s.. We lose the most important part of our being: our flaws. Flaws that serve as a reminder that we aren’t ideal, that we have more to learn, to adapt, and to be humble..

Oops.. Got a bit carried away there…

This post isn’t about “what could have been.. ” or a session on “Finding Yourself.. “, though I may take up those topics sometime in the future (emphasis on ‘may’, not the month though.. 😉 ).. This post is to commemorate the first anniversary of  Psyched.. Hell yeah!! We are a year old now.. And as of yet 50 posts rich, and still going strong.. 😀 Psyched was started as a means to release all of the ‘pheels‘ that were confined within the minds of the two rookies. And we hope to continue doing so in the next year.

1 year

Oh! wait. It is the New Year too. Was excited a bit too much with completing a year of blogging, that I completely missed that we are already into 2013 in a few parts of the world (Christmas Islands, Kiribati celebrates New Year almost a day before they do so in Hawaii).

So once more wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2013. May you make and break new year resolutions like every-time. Hope to continue blogging with the same passion that has been, or even more. And will try to put up more pictures, more posts and more everything ( Emphasis again on ‘try’, though I sincerely hope to do so 😛 ).

Let’s gather around and celebrate the dawn of a sparkling New Year.
May it bring gifts of joys, good health & surprises throughout the year.
Here’s to a New Year filled with hope, happiness and good cheer.
Here’s to a New Year with all the joys yet to unfold.
Happy New Year 2013..



Kicking Off New Year 2012 with Psyched…

It’s A New Year…
It’s like a new dawn…..of Happiness, of Progress, of Hope
It’s like a new day…..of Strength, of Ideas, of Joy
It’s like a new beginning…..of Words, of Actions, of Thought
It’s a bunch of whole new things…..of Prayers, of Friends, of Love…..

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