Lonely Dreams…

Refugee in my own heart,
An alien to my  soul,
Walking in the dark night,
Am all alone…
Lonely nights, lonely dreams,
A comrade’s missing,
to walk a few steps with me…
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No more tears to shed,
The pain’s gone,
Numb emotions a grim reminder of the shattered soul.
Breached the wall held up so strong..
The guardian the traitor,
The blame’s all own..

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No dreams to follow,
No promises to keep,
Walking all alone,
With the emptiness within…
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The Day My Life Stood Still…

“India is my country, and all Indians are my brothers and sisters”..And so runs our students’ pledge. We all have taken that pledge every morning in the assembly, though half-heartedly, because the system was hell-bent on transforming our heart-throbs into our sisters.

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