A Shadow In The Fog…

Moving through the unknown path,
Looking for what was once mine..
A race against time,
To feel your touch so divine….
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An unholy honour I have to regain,
A shower of pure hatred’s now gonna rain,
Having lost a thousand battles under the ruthless sun,

Won’t lose this time, before I have my final run…
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Lonely Dreams…

Refugee in my own heart,
An alien to my  soul,
Walking in the dark night,
Am all alone…
Lonely nights, lonely dreams,
A comrade’s missing,
to walk a few steps with me…
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Forgettin You….

No love lost, No promises broken,
Lost my way in the steps not taken..
Just the only one who knew my love,
a feeling I wanna forget,
To keep within me any scrap of sanity left..

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Solitary Crusade…

As I walk on the steel steps all alone,
Thoughts rush back to the times with chums,
The laughs we had, the pranks we played,
All lost, in the labyrinth of the future, yet to come…
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