Lonely Dreams…

Refugee in my own heart,
An alien to my  soul,
Walking in the dark night,
Am all alone…
Lonely nights, lonely dreams,
A comrade’s missing,
to walk a few steps with me…
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No more tears to shed,
The pain’s gone,
Numb emotions a grim reminder of the shattered soul.
Breached the wall held up so strong..
The guardian the traitor,
The blame’s all own..

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Kicking Off New Year 2012 with Psyched…

It’s A New Year…
It’s like a new dawn…..of Happiness, of Progress, of Hope
It’s like a new day…..of Strength, of Ideas, of Joy
It’s like a new beginning…..of Words, of Actions, of Thought
It’s a bunch of whole new things…..of Prayers, of Friends, of Love…..

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