Broken Promises…

I Looked at your eyes, smitten,
And asked with a voice that was shaken,
“Will you be mine, for now and till eternity,
Or will you say no,
And forego this chance at serendipity…”
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Of Guts and Glory..


This one was long overdue…

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A tribute to The Black Swordsman

You hear that there is an epic series that you have to read to believe. As you start reading the manga, the opening scene depicts a man having sex with a beautiful female in the woods. You start to think is this one of those series that thrives on such fan service to increase its fan following. You think of skipping the series if nothing good happens within the next two or three pages. Apprehensive, you click on the next page button. Then what happens in the next two clicks breaks all your foreboding and you immediately become a fan of the series. So what did happen? Well, I won’t spill the beans here. You have to read it to find out…

Berserk tells the story of Guts, a man bent on revenge against God-like forces, armed with nothing but a “big slab of…

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The Confession…

Picnic was an event that I usually preferred to skip. But in engineering I had found a reason to attend it. And the reason was quite simple, logical and primal. I liked a girl and I took every opportunity to be with her. Picnic simply provided me with an opportunity to interact with her without any one raising an eyebrow.
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The Farewell

It is extremely rare to see me awake to see me awake before 10 am on a holiday, but my parents had the much coveted opportunity of being blessed with such a sight that day. By the time the clock had struck 9, I was already at the breakfast table having finished my morning rituals.
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The Calm after the Storm…

Empty eyes stare out,
Broken dreams are all that’s found..
A shadow, A shell, A hollow soul,
Drowning in depths, yet unknown..
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Missing Diaries: 01

Missing Diaries: 01

It was a sunny morning and he woke up to the sound of his cell phone ringing beside his pillow. He looked at the name on the 2.1 inch screen and smiled, it was his personal alarming man calling to wake him up. He cut the call and promptly fell asleep again. When he woke up again he found that, he had slept for over 45 minutes, the clock displayed 8.30 A.M.

He had just enough time to shriek, “Shit!”, before he dashed off to the bathroom to finish his daily rituals. When he came back, it was almost 8.45 and he had another 15 minutes to dress up and walk the 1.5 km distance to his college, which he barely managed. As he noticed his professor, he sprinted across the corridor and entered the classroom just before the professor. He promptly went to the last bench and proceeded to complete his sleep there. This was the daily routine of the guy who went by the name Sandy.

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Missing Diaries: Foreword

In this hectic and selfish times, people tend to forget their friends, their family, and the duty they have towards them. They forget to spend time with the ones who are promised to be friends for a lifetime.. Hell, they even forget the names of those people.. But there are some people who, even if live far away, are never really far apart at heart. They stay through thick and thin, and advise you, through their past actions on how you should face any given scenario, ‘cos you are so close to them, that you can predict how they would face, act and smile through any tough situation.

Missing Diaries is a collection of stories that each depict such a situation, and how a “particular” close friend of mine “would” walk through such situations, with a smile on his face or several tears on his heart.

The stories in Missing Diaries are written in no particular order, and are meant to be taken in a lighter vein. They are fictional accounts (unless this is mentioned, he might get me kicked out of my house. That’s cos my parents like him).

Have a fun read… And please if you don’t like the writings, don’t throw rotten tomatoes or eggs.. Send in some fresh ones.. ‘cos I love omelettes..


  • Names used have been taken at random, and any resemblance to any person living, dead or undead, may or may not be coincidental, and is not -even a bit-  regretted.
  • Anyone relating to any incident in the stories better take it in a lighter vein, as it in anyway wold not affect the author.
  • Any reference to GOD in the following is purely coincidental and fictional.
  • This disclaimer should be taken very SERIOUSLY, though the author would care least if not.

Part 1: