Lost Love

What do you do when the girl you love sends you an invitation to her wedding?

Would you give up and let go of it,
Or would you stand up and fight for it?
Do you cry alone, and confine yourself,
Or do you smile at your fate and learn to live with yourself?
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After the Last…

The first time he laid his eyes on her, she was staring at someone else. “That’s a temporary thing,” he thought, “she will get over him.” Years passed. She wasn’t over ‘him’ yet.
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One More Day…

When I gaze in rapturous admiration,
At your perfection and beauty,
Oh!! It’s better to remain silent,
Than attempt in total futility..
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Forgettin You….

No love lost, No promises broken,
Lost my way in the steps not taken..
Just the only one who knew my love,
a feeling I wanna forget,
To keep within me any scrap of sanity left..

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