~ As the sun lays down and closes it’s eyes on another days work,
The sky above is painted an array of peaceful hues…
Amazed by Your Glorious presence, I gaze towards the closing sun;
And stare onto the very heart of My God… ~

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Stranger To Me…

A lonely hand outstretched,
A silly gesture, gone unacknowledged,
A smile of friendship not reciprocated,
Ignoring the one trying to be accepted…
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Happy Mother’s Day…

Do you still remember that proverbial kind of Band-Aids that helped your scraped knee to heal quickly? Well, it was not the kind of Band-aids that helped, but it was mother’s therapeutic kiss. Continue reading

Forgettin You….

No love lost, No promises broken,
Lost my way in the steps not taken..
Just the only one who knew my love,
a feeling I wanna forget,
To keep within me any scrap of sanity left..

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Vengeance Reborn !!!

Faced with the eyes that deceive,
Searching for the trust never received,
Fighting for the survival of one’s being,
Rebelling for the freedom that’s been unseen…
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