One More Day…

When I gaze in rapturous admiration,
At your perfection and beauty,
Oh!! It’s better to remain silent,
Than attempt in total futility..
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Happy Father’s Day…

The first one in family to hold a child in his arms. The first one to celebrate the birth of a new member. The first one to talk to the child, holding it dearly in his arms. The first one to look into the baby’s face, and feel it bringing a smile into his own. The first one to promise his child that he would be there, no matter what. A father is the first one to look at a child and silently say, ‘No matter the odds, I will stick by your side and watch you reach your goal’.
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Bidding Adieu…

Faces may fade, but the memories remain,
Paths may deviate, but the footprints remain.
Bidding adieu to the ones leaving,
To the people who make lives worth living…
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Lonely Dreams…

Refugee in my own heart,
An alien to my  soul,
Walking in the dark night,
Am all alone…
Lonely nights, lonely dreams,
A comrade’s missing,
to walk a few steps with me…
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